Lauren Mansy

Young Adult Author

“A welcome addition to the YA fantasy canon, The Memory Thief is a suspenseful page-turner, delightfully chock full of unexpected twists and turns…” - Shelf Awareness

“As evidenced by "The Memory Thief", author Lauren Mansy has a genuine talent for narrative storytelling and an authentic flair for originality. A riveting great read with more plot twists and turns than a Disney Land roller coaster…” -Midwest Book Review

“A thought-provoking and unique YA fantasy, THE MEMORY THIEF is a engrossing and lovely story. Twists and turns keep the reader guessing as they follow Etta on her physical and mental journey.” -YA Books Central


THE MEMORY THIEF is a young adult fantasy novel set in the city of Craewick, where memories and talents are bought and sold. Seventeen-year-old memory thief Etta Lark must return to the world of theft she left behind—the black market of memories—to complete the greatest heist of her life and save her comatose mother’s memories from the auction block.